So heres a little bit about Admit One........ Firstly let us tell you where the name came from, because we are both into the movies we wanted the name to be something about "The Movies" but didn't want something boring like The Movie Shop. We thought long and hard and came up with a few suggestions but finally Gail had a eureka moment when she saw a picture of an old cinema ticket and there it was in black and white "Admit One"!! perfect and so in March 2015 "Admit One" was born.

After dealing with various types of products we hit upon the amazing Itty Bittys which have now become our main product.

We work closely with Hallmark and always have new product in stock on the day of release.

We are also working on hopefully acquiring some exclusive Itty Bittys so please watch this space. 


Thank you for supporting and shopping with us and please keep watching as new products are coming onto the website on a regular basis.


Gail and Kirsty